Well deserved!

BELOW IS OUR NEW BEST OF THE YEAR (MLC ONLY) TROPHY DESIGN.  Please email us if interested in ordering it.

For everyone else, please go to your MLC or Scener trophy below:

Our  silver-toned
"Bella Estrella" (click to browse/order) is the best of the semester MLC trophy (January and May winners).

Our best of the semester 
"Bella Escena" trophy (click to browse/order) is the Scene Awards trophy (May and September winners)

This trophies are available to order by award winners (including wildcards). As for nominees (like winners and wildcards) they can only claim IMDb credit.
Click on the trophy names above to access the order screen for each, depending if you competed on the MLC track or on the Scene track. On the comments box, please enter the information listed on the square in the below photo:
NAME (make sure you spell it as you want it, but not too long; should be a name matching the one in our Results section, whether a filmmaker, cast member or crew member; if another name needs to be in consideration, please email us so we can let Glasso Group know as they will check the winners list; one trophy per name please... these are deeply discounted)


AWARD and CATEGORY NAME See Results to match the name of the award and category as shown.   

WINDOW NAME (Fall , Rise, yearly)

For MLC Awards winners, if you won Outstanding Achievement for let's say Best Actress on a Lead Role, type this on the freeform box =

OA Award WinnerBest Actress on a Lead RoleJane Done for her work in "Freddy Scary" MLC Awards May 2022 Gala

For Scene Award winners, if you won Best Music Video, then the engraving would read =
Best of the Year Winner
Scene Awards - May 2022 
Presented to Connor Brogan for
"Nothing Unexpected"


Just follow the steps. Shipping internationally outside the US will cost more than shipping within the US. We picked this partner because they are in the Chicago area, they are known for their quality (particularly with crystal and metal work) and we get a lot of Midwest entries. However shipping within Europe might cost less since our partners have an office in Poland too.

The golden-toned "Bella Estrella" will be available ONLY for MLC Best of the Year winners as of September 2022.