Well deserved!

Our new trophy, "La Bella Estrella",
is now available for production and shipping to winners (quarterly or semester winners) and wildcards of all of our windows (any category) and and for winners-only semester BOC or BOW galas. Nominees will not be able to fully place any orders, as our Glasso Group team will double-check the list. Only Category Award Winners and Outstanding Achievement Award Winners (Wildcards) can order the trophy, matching the categories where they won.
Nominees (like winners and wildcards) can only get IMDb credit.
Click on the trophy photography to access the order screen. On the comments box, please enter the information listed on the square in the below photo:
NAME (make sure you spell it as you want it, but not too long; should be a name matching the one in our Results section, whether a filmmaker, cast member or crew member)


CATEGORY NAME (see Results to match the name of the category as shown; if you won Outstanding Achievement, that is your category; all others do not need to list the award name, only the category they won under)

WINDOW NAME (Fall  2020, Winter 2020, Spring 2021 or Summer 2021)


Just follow the steps. Shipping internationally outside the US will cost more than shipping within the US. We picked this partner because they are in the Chicago area, they are known for their quality (particularly with crystal and metal work) and we get a lot of Midwest entries. However shipping within Europe might cost less since our partners have an office in Poland too.

For every photo we receive (via email to freddy@mlcproductions.org) in good light and pixellation with you and/or your cast posing with your ordered trophy, we will email one 90% off discount code valid for 1 user-only, 1-category of your choice through 2021. We will post the photo on FilmFreeway and Facebook.