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Well deserved!

Our  silver-toned Bella Estrella (SEE PIC BELOW) is our chosen best of the year Scene Awards trophy (August 2023 Scene Awards  + People's Choice winners).

Our best of the year MLC Scene Awards trophy, the golden-toned Dama de Oro (SEE PIC BELOW) is available for Best of the Year winners only in the August 25-27, 2023 round. 

Nominees do not qualify to order a trophy.

On the comments box, please enter the information regarding your win, which should be a name matching the one in our Results section, whether a filmmaker, cast member or crew member; if another name needs to be in consideration, please list it and Glasso Group will contact us as they will check the winners list (one trophy per name please... these are deeply discounted)


AWARD and CATEGORY NAME See Results to match the name of the award and category as shown.   

DATE AWARDED (e.g. June 

For MLC Awards winners, if you won Outstanding Achievement for let's say Best Actress on a Lead Role, type this on the freeform box =

OA Award Winner Best Actress on a Lead Role Jane Done for her work in "Freddy Scary" MLC Awards January 2023 Gala

For Scene Award winners, if you won Best Music Video, then the engraving would read =
Best of the Year Winner
Scene Awards - January 2023 
Presented to Connor Brogan for
"Nothing Unexpected"

To order your winner/wildcard MLC qualifier trophy; or your Scene Awards Dama de Oro Best of the Year trophy; or to inquire about cost (including shipping), please fill out this form and it will go to our Glasso Group contact who will respond directly.

Thanks for submitting!

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